Yes, marketers will collect even more information about you

Neal Mohan, vice president for product management responsible for Google’s display advertising products, and Barry Salzman, managing director of media and platforms for the Americas at Google, who runs display ad sales, make seven predictions on the future of display advertising. Location data, mobile platforms, consumer profiles, real-time consumer feedback, social networking, increased customer choice on what ads they will watch (though no choice on avoiding adds), and creative metrics will feature prominently. Your organization will take advantage of these new technologies so you must have strong relationships with your marketing department and governance must be built in. Marketing campaigns will no longer require only approval from compliance or a senior marketing staff person. Privacy SMEs must sign off as well to ensure that consumer data is collected in accordance with the privacy policy (which will need to be modified as these new technologies are onboarded) and privacy law. Start working with your marketing department to put in place more robust governance now, develop relationships, and be a part of your marketing department’s five-year plan so that you are viewed as an enabler of the use of new technology and the new data that is collected from consumers. Make sure your policies and procedures inform consumers of how their data is collected and used. Make sure that internal process are operating in line with your privacy policy commitments and that they are regularly tested. By collaborating with your marketing team now to build good governance, you will enable your company to maximize the use of the data it collects. Finally, watch out for third parties: those that your transfer data to for processing and those whose technology you deploy. You do not want to be the victim of the rogue actions of a third-party. Vendor assurance continues to be critical whether you are purchasing a technology or outsourcing the processing of data.

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