Blogs and Links

EFF Deep Links

  • Agree with their politics or don’t, but they have a lot of useful information, including links to pleadings, opinions, government documents, etc.

Harvard Business Review

  • Privacy practitioners must be effective leaders. The HBR can assist you with the soft skills that are critical to being effective. You will need to convince your manager, the board, shareholders, customers and others, that your privacy proposal is the right one. You will then need to drive change across a highly matrixed organization. You will also need to get the best out of your people.

Light Blue Touchpaper by Ross Anderson (and guests)

  • I put Ross right up there with Schneier. Regular reading of this blog will improve your security thinking and your technical knowledge.

Schneier on Security

  • Hey, it’s Schneier . . . how can you not read his blog? The comments are often just as good.

Technology Review published by MIT

  • Not a blog, but one of the places to learn about emerging technology and its possible impacts.


  • One of the funniest tech comics going. Don’t worry if you don’t always understand it, there’s an entire website dedicated to explaining it (click here).

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