Hedge Fund Disruption!

Machine learning is threatening to disrupt the hedge fund industry as AI becomes powerful enough to forecast market moves better than people. As the industry “struggles with middling performance and outflows,” excitement is building for AI fields to “unlock lucrative patterns” in Big Data, the Financial Times reports.

Invisible Manipulators of Your Mind | by Tamsin Shaw | The New York Review of Books

We are living in an age in which the behavioral sciences have become inescapable. The findings of social psychology and behavioral economics are being employed to determine the news we read, the products we buy, the cultural and intellectual spheres we inhabit, and the human networks, online and in real life, of which we are…

Nasdaq uses AI to detect illegal behavior

The American Banker’s Penny Crosman discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the Nasdaq exchange to “help it detect market abuse.” The exchange sees 14 million trades per day, an impossible number to review for humans alone. AI provides “the best detection mechanism possible,” said Nasdaq’s head of risk and surveillance.

A Primer on the Facebook Measurement Wars – WSJ

Some in the ad world say the controversy highlights why Facebook and other big digital platforms shouldn’t be “grading their own homework,” but should instead be submitting to measurement by independent, third-party tracking companies. It’s become a flashpoint for those arguing internet giants operate “walled gardens” with little transparency. The Association of National Advertisers has…