Bye-Bye Compliance Jobs

The Financial Times reported that thousands of regulatory and compliance jobs will disappear “as the world’s biggest banks harness artificial intelligence systems.” “In a report called ‘digital disruption’ sent to clients this week, Citi said there was a ‘huge cost take-out opportunity for financial institutions’ from the fast-growing area of regulatory technology or regtech.”

America’s Dazzling Tech Boom Has a Downside: Not Enough Jobs – WSJ

The discontent driving Donald Trump’s campaign stems in part from the dashed employment promises of the late 1990s. Technology companies moved manufacturing jobs outside the U.S., the newest giants need fewer workers and the number of startups fizzled. Source: America’s Dazzling Tech Boom Has a Downside: Not Enough Jobs – WSJ

Why the World Is Drawing Battle Lines Against American Tech Giants – The New York Times

“What’s happening right now is the nation-state is losing its grip,” said Jane K. Winn, also a professor at the University of Washington School of Law, who studies international business transactions. “One of the hallmarks of modernity is that you have a nation-state that claims they are the exclusive source of a universal legal system…

Silicon Valley faces fear and loathing in Europe –

That has made Europe’s failure to create homegrown platforms a source of increasing political risk for American tech companies and their investors. Silicon Valley may be right in arguing that it is impossible to turn back the digital tide, but that does not mean the headlines will get any friendlier. Source: Silicon Valley faces fear…