Online Lending Policy Institute Created to Conduct Research

American Banker reported that Cross River Bank and RocketLoans are members of a newly created fintech group called The Online Lending Policy Institute that “will help coordinate new research driven by the industry itself — something fintech companies say has been lacking.” The group is based out of Boston University and “plans to publish research…

OK, Cupid! Are you kissing and not telling?

OKCupid Publishes Findings of User Experiments – I think I need to find a new category to put these types of stories under. “Research” doesn’t seem quite right. Suggestions? Now I know my friend was paired with that one-eyed pirate who raises bees.

The Biology of Risk –

The Biology of Risk – An interesting article about risk taking in financial services and its links to biology. Although about financial services, there is no reason this research cannot be leveraged in other ways, e.g., encouraging or discouraging risk taking when making privacy and security related decisions.