Zuckerberg and Sandberg Interviewed by Charlie Rose

30 Rock jokes about Charlie Rose aside, this was an interesting interview.

Take aways:

  • Facebook wants to connect everyone in the world
  • 500 million people use Facebook every data (that’s half a billion people)
  • Social media will add value to people’s daily lives because everything is better and improved with your friends: companionship, products and services from a vantage-point similar to your own
  • Marketers want two things: users to buy their product and tell their friends about it- Facebook does this
  • Going public is necessary to bring on good talent; we have implicitly promised that the equity we have given to our employees and investors will be liquid
  • Arab Spring and the role of Facebook and social media
    • The role has been a bit overblown
    • If people want change, they will bring it regardless of the technology available (they will use what they have)
  • China is necessary to achieve Facebook goal’s of connecting the world
    • China is not an option currently because of Chinese government decisions
    • Not necessary to confront this issue now
  • Quality engineers are priorities 1, 2 and 3
    • There is not enough quality engineers to meet the demand
    • US education and immigration is the reason
    • We don’t graduate enough kids from high school or college
    • We give a huge number of engineering slots in college to overseas students and then kick them out
  • Will the new Facebooks, Google, Microsofts come from overseas?
    • Education and environment of entrepreneurship critical
    • US does this well
  • Google v. Facebook Culture
    • Algorithms v. Individual
    • Rapid innovation
    • Perfect is the enemy of goo
    • Move quickly
    • If you weren’t afraid, what would you do
  • Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon
    • No war
    • Too big of a surface
  • Our mission is to be on all platforms
  • We focus on doing one thing really well- connect the world
  • Partner strategy
    • We want to allow all other companies to provide the content and Facebook is where users share all this
    • We can win when all other companies win
    • E.g., news services shared on Facebook win because users click on it when they see their friends reading it
    • No interest in building games
  • Companies that try to do everything don’t do anything well- do one or things really well
  • Zuckerberg’s discussions with Steve Jobs
    • How to build a great team
    • Aesthetics
    • Mission and focus
  • What do you know about all of us (Privacy)?
    • Charlie Rose: The Like button is a powerful tool. It’s for advertisers.
    • Zuckerberg/Sandberg- It’s for people to share. We want to build a great business. What do people want to tell about themselves?
    • Z/S- Mark thought about privacy. Privacy is the most important thing we do. You can snap a picture and post it only to your family, only to your friends, or to everyone.
    • Z/S- People can be trusted to make decisions about what to share. There is a learning curve. Facebook is the first to build in privacy controls. We continue to evolve it. We believe that people should be allowed to control the privacy of the content that they post. [I think this is a really good point.]
    • When Caller ID came out everyone thought there was a privacy concern. New technology always raises privacy issues.
    • CR: Where are the privacy boundaries?
    • Z: It’s about control. Do people have the controls to make this decision well. The demographics of who uses Facebook is changes. E.g., some people only use a computer when they use Facebook.
    • Early adopters didn’t need these privacy controls. With the demographic change, privacy controls need to improve. [Ooooh, I am slowly coming back into the Facebook fold. But what about all the information you have about me?]
    • S: We are the [privacy] light.
      • Z: Yes, we have a lot of info on people, but they put it there. Compare with Google where they collect it behind your back. They have cookies that track you. [But what about when you are logged in to FB and have the Like service? Don’t you track all locations they visit? Or is this an ugly Google rumor?]
    • CR: If you take it down, what happens?
    • Z/S: It’s gone. [But see EU law student says otherwise, see my post.]
  • Women in business
    • Stalled revolution for women
    • Progress at the top have stalled out- no movement in ten years
    • More women need to lean into their careers and stay in the workplace
    • Ambitiousness gap- men are more ambitious
  • FB culture and what it means to be MZ
    • Lives the mission of the company
    • Stay connected and connect others within the company

Note: It’s clear that Mark and Cheryl have a great relationship. It could turn into a legendary partnership. It will be interesting to watch it grow.

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