One Card to Rule an Unlimited Number of Virtual Cards

Though it’s a little bit of a puff piece, this is a pretty cool concept. Final has created a credit card that allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual credit cards to provide to online merchants, e.g., Amazon, Netflix. You can have one virtual card for each online merchant. If your card gets hacked, no biggey. Just delete the virtual card and generate a new one for that merchant. You don’t have to go around to each online provider and change your card. 

Will I switch to this card? As soon as they have. United Airlines miles program. 

One thought on “One Card to Rule an Unlimited Number of Virtual Cards

  1. American Express offered this at one time. I’m pretty sure Citicards did as well (and I think a few others). I remember using one of those with a few sketchy websites back in the day. Abine offers the same service. Just one comment, the necessity of this violates the Privacy by Default principle in PbD. Ideally, I shouldn’t have to need to take this step to protect the privacy of my financial instruments.

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