China to Start Security Checks on Technology Companies in June

BEIJING—China will launch new security reviews on foreign and domestic technology suppliers starting June 1, implementing a key element of its new cybersecurity law aimed at tightening state control over technology and information.

The review will apply to companies that provide network products and services. As such, it will likely include companies such as International Business Machines Corp. and Microsoft Corp. that sell hardware and software in China.

Read the entire article here. 

One of my greatest concerns is IP leakage. From the current Foreign Affairs issue:

Of course, cyberattackers have often targeted the United States. In 2014 alone, Kaplan reports, the country suffered more than 80,000 cybersecurity breaches, more than 2,000 of which led to data losses. He also points out that until recently, U.S. policymakers worried less about Russia than China, which was “engaging not just in espionage and battlefield preparation, but also in the theft of trade secrets, intellectual property, and cash.”

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