ICO Outlines How it will Support Innovation

The ICO has released a document titled “ICO: Innovation and regulation” which outlines how their role as a regulator will work to promote innovation and not place undue burdens on businesses. This has been designed to complement government’s approach to develop a modern industrial strategy for Britain. The document makes reference to the “industry-led event, the Design Jam- Trust, Transparency and Control, which aimed to raise the profile of privacy and data protection amongst designers and embed users and their rights into app development” and expresses they look forward to engaging with industry leaders. The ICO emphasizes the need to ensure a coherent Union-wide GDPR framework remains adaptable to new technologies and globalization. It briefly makes reference to data portability, consent, the age of consent, data subject access rights and restrictions on the use of data for profiling and automated decision making in conjunction with emerging technologies in the realm of data analytics.


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