D-Link: Security Destroys Jobs!

“It sets a dangerous precedent for the federal government to go after a good company and put American jobs at risk without a single instance of actual or likely consumer harm,” said Cause of Action Institute Assistant Vice President Patrick Massari, who is representing D-Link against the FTC. “If the FTC can bring a lawsuit on the potential of a data security breach, nearly every company will be subject [to] unconstrained and unexplored data security liability. Such limitless liability coupled with [the] FTC’s history of unrelentingly litigious oversight will no doubt have a chilling effect on innovation in the Internet of Things,” Massari added.

Security? We don’t need no stinkin’ security! Because security is bad for the economy!

Source: D-Link Challenges FTC’s Continued Pursuit of “Unfair” Security Practices Absent Evidence of Harm; Calls Allegations “Unsubstantiated and Vague”

UPDATE:D-Link is a Taiwanese company. I’m not sure how many American jobs are at issue. Check out their Wikipedia page here.

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