Missteps in Europe’s Online Privacy Bill – The New York Times

The proposed law requires Internet companies like Google to immediately take down information while they decide whether a request for a permanent deletion is warranted. Disturbingly, news organizations and other websites would not have an opportunity to object to those immediate removals and might not even have a chance to protest permanent deletions.

It also is unclear whether the proposed law would require Internet companies to delete information just in Europe or around the world. Earlier this year, privacy regulators in France ordered Google to remove links from its search results everywhere, not just in France, after right-to-be-forgotten requests are made by French citizens. Google has criticized that decision and may appeal any fines levied by the regulators. If the French interpretation of the law is allowed to stand, officials in countries like China and Russia would be emboldened to demand that Internet companies remove material that they find objectionable from search results around the world.

Source: Missteps in Europe’s Online Privacy Bill – The New York Times

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