NSA hunts hackers domestically- even without links to foreign powers

According to classified documents provided by Edward Snowden, the NSA is authorized to hunt hackers, even if there is not evidence of a link to foreign powers. The NSA argued in seeking the expansion of its surveillance powers, that it’s difficult to tell the difference between a foreign or domestic attacker. 

This is likely true. Attackers can cover their tracks quite well. But the NSA is clearly straying into law enforcement territory- something outside of its historical remit of protecting the military and intelligence networks. 

It was also reported that the FBI is queering the data. 

The 4th Amendment gets smaller and smaller by the day. Since many of these disclosures relate to programs several years old, the 4th Amendment may have already disappeared and no one has bothered to tell the American citizenry. 

Also disclosed- the NSA would like Dropbox to become a PRISM partner

And with the OPM breach, you wonder if the government can keep all this data safe. 

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