Entry Point of JPMorgan Data Breach Is Identified – NYTimes.com

The relatively simple nature of the attack — some details of which have not been previously reported — puts the breach in a new light. In August, when Bloomberg News first reported on the attack, which ultimately compromised some account information for 83 million households and small businesses, the bank’s security experts and the Federal Bureau of Investigation feared a sophisticated adversary. Some suspected the attack, possibly with backing from Russia, was intended as retaliation against economic sanctions levied by the United States and its allies in response to Russia’s policies in Ukraine. By mid-October, however, that theory began to fray, and the F.B.I. officially ruled out the Russian government as a culprit.

via Entry Point of JPMorgan Data Breach Is Identified – NYTimes.com.

There are sophisticated attacks, but they are few. There is nothing unique about this story or JP Morgan. This story could be written about 95% of the breaches.

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