Breach! Don’t sweat it . . . we’ve got you covered!

I’ve been hacked! Well, not really: Adobe has been hacked and I’m the one at risk. Checkout the notification letter here:

Adobe Breach Notification (101413) (Redacted)_Redacted

They believe some personal data has been stolen, I mean “removed”. It’s likely that certain names were removed along with payment card expiration dates, encrypted payment card numbers, and other information relating to customer orders. “In addition, the third party used our systems to decrypt some card numbers.” What? Like my nineteen month old twins say, “Ut oh”. Although the letter states that the incident involves information about me, the above language confuses me about whether my information is involved, and, if so, what information it is.

On the positive side, the Chief Security Officer has apologized to me personally. I like the idea that it’s the CSO since he is responsible for security. I’ve been in the room during  discussions as to the name that will be used on the bottom of the letter. That’s always an interesting discussion.

If I notice anything unusual on my credit report, I should call the credit bureau and have it removed. Whew! Glad  I can deal with that kind of situation with only one quick call to one credit reporting agency. If I notice anything unusual on my account statements I should just call my financial institution. If I want to learn more about identify theft I should contact the FTC. Oh, and I can put a freeze on my credit- like that won’t cause me any problems.

Of course, if I ever do find fraudulent transactions on my account, I won’t know if it was the waiter who took my card into the back room, Adobe, or one of the other breaches involving my personal information. But that’s the way everyone likes it.

DISCLOSURE: I signed up for the credit monitoring service. I’ve forgot how many I have signed up for . . . so many breaches. 😉

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