EU Concerned About US Privacy Laws in Respect to the Cloud


This is a pretty good article describing recent discussions on privacy between the US and the EU.

EU government and business citation to the US Patriot Act as a reason not to put your data in the US or provide it to a US company with data centers located overseas that can be accessed from the US, is nothing more EU protectionism. From my own professional experience, I can tell you that every EU country, and many other countries across the globe, some with similar privacy laws, also have laws that allow access to data not stored within their own countries because access is available. I’m glad this article discusses protectionism in the context of recent privacy law discussions.

Don’t get me wrong- I am no fan of certain provisions of the US Patriot Act. I also believe personally and professionally that ECPA reform is good for the US and good for US business.We need, however, a discussion centered on facts, not hyperbole.

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