You are the Enemy . . .

While conducting research for an upcoming presentation, I came across this thought-provoking essay by Bruce Schneier titled, Security in 2020. It makes several predictions about the future, but it is the last three paragraphs that really stick in my head.

Essentially, new business models require less privacy to survive. Those that attempt to obtain privacy by circumventing technical controls designed to reduce privacy end up being grouped by businesses with criminals – essentially another group of people who seek to break the rules. “Consumerization”, which empowers users to an extent by allowing us to connect to networks with our devices, use the cloud, etc., actually result in reduced privacy because we lose control and surrender our data in volumes never seen before. Consumers are no longer the customers. They are instead the product. Other businesses are the customers as they buy, sell and trade consumer data- usually with customers receiving little or no information, nor providing consent.

One could very easily argue that data retention laws and laws protecting IP at the cost of personal privacy that are being passed in legislatures around the world are evidence of this trend.

It’s food for thought and well worth the read.

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