Ok, so parents help their children lie to get on Facebook. Teaching children under 13 to break rules aside, should Facebook be allowed to disclaim any liability by simply stating they don’t target children under the age of 13? Everyone knows that children under the age of 13 are on Facebook. Should it be blamed on the parents who are teaching their children to lie? (Ooops, did I just go there?) Maybe it’s the law that’s flawed, not the parenting or Facebook. (I bet Shawn Parker has a lot to say about that viewpoint.) Perhaps parents should be teaching their children how to hire lobbyists. “Hello, I represent a coalition of children under the age of 13 and Facebook. Please make it easy for small people with non-fully developed front lobes to make descisions about safety and identity theft.”

Okay, before I run of the tracks, social networks need to do more to verify age, but technologists and regulators need to provide them with tools. Online age verification methods for anyone who doesn’t have a credit card are non-effective. Putting all the blame on Facebook seems a little harsh. Parents need to take some responsibility here as well. NetNanny anyone?

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