LulzSec hack Sony and Nintendo: Microsoft next? – International Business Times

LulzSec hack Sony and Nintendo: Microsoft next? – International Business Times

Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft.

I am going to put myself out there and say that LulzSec will not try to hack Microsoft XBOX, but whoever hacked the Sony network and stole credit card data, may try to do so.

I think there may be two reasons behind LulzSec’s attacks on Sony:

  1. LulzSec appears to be a very talented group of young hackers. They saw another hacking group receiving tremendous attention and decided that they wanted some too. Essentially, they felt left out and wanted to through their own party. If the Wall Street Journal’s profile is accurate, this is a group of teenagers. This teenage hacker peer group may have wanted to throw their own party so they could be cool as well.
  2. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has embraced (perhaps too strong a word) the hackers related to XBOX and Kinect. Microsoft told hackers to hack away at the Kinect. And hackers have come up with some very cool stuff. Sony went after a hacker that hacked the PlayStation to allow customer written games. Right or wrong, the aggressive litigious position put Sony on the radar of the hacker underground. (Even conservative, law abiding persons such as myself were annoyed at Sony’s aggressiveness. Guess Sony won’t be hiring me to help clean things up, lol.)

Now there are arguments against the above. The attacks on Sony and Nintendo appear to be done for fun and Microsoft would certainly be a big trophy as the article points out.

Even if LulzSec does attack, Microsoft has one big advantage over Sony and Nintendo- Microsoft knows they are coming (I hope).

Watch this space!

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