It’s a start, but it’s ECPA that needs amending

Reader Privacy Act of 2011 (SB 602) has been introduced in the California legislature:

The law would bring a much-needed upgrade to match Californians’ reading habits. Under SB 602 the government and other third parties would need a warrant or court order for access to sensitive reading records. This would establish protections for book records—both e-books and in physical bookstores—in line with long-established protections for library records and other expressive material. The bill mirrors the privacy and free speech safeguards in the California constitution and other areas of California law.

Now we need similar protections for all cloud based services. To do otherwise will choke off innovation and damage economic growth this industry can provide.

One thought on “It’s a start, but it’s ECPA that needs amending

  1. I’m curious how this might affect warrantless searches of electronic devices at the border. Sure there is a supremacy clause issue but there isn’t a federal law (to my knowledge) that tells US Customs to search electronic devices, they are just doing it because no law says they can’t.

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