The Power (and Perils) of Social Media

No one can watch the events that unfolded in Tunisia and Iran, and that are currently unfolding in Egypt, without thinking about the power of social media. It would only be half in jest for me to write a blog post titled, “Twitter topples Tunisian Government.” As this well written New York Times article points out, there are perils as well to those that use social media to organize, whether it be to advocate a cause or to target one. Government agencies can use social media successfully for their own purposes. As governments and activists circle each other, an escalating game of cat and mouse is beginning, in which the stakes can be very high. Of course, this is not just limited to governments, all organizations need to be aware that social media can be used to help achieve strategic goals- or to foil them (see the Dominos Pizza video; related article; a Dominos’ response that should have been much better).

We live in interesting times.

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