If it Quacks like a Duck . . .

160,000 queries isn’t much when compared with Google’s 112,000,000 per day, but it’s a start. A new search engine is taking aim at Google by claiming that it’s more privacy friendly. 

Privacy can be differentiator and perhaps DuckDuckGo will make organizations consider it as one of their strategies. The Googles, Facebooks and Microsofts of the world need to find the sweet spot between losing customers to inadequate privacy and losing them to a competitor because it provided a better service through innovate use of customer information. True choice and radical transparency will likely allow you to be more aggressive in your use of customer data. I seem to recall a consortium of hospitals in the Northeast disclosing infection rates at their hospitals in an effort to differentiate themselves from other hospitals. It caught on and now most hospitals report this data publicly (many state public health agencies do as well). Radical transparency has the potential to be a privacy differentiator as well. I can see it’s application in the cloud re disclosure of breaches.

In a scientific study, I searched “best dim sum in Boise” in both Google and DuckDuckGo and the results were mostly the same. I did like the Google map popping up though.

I will continue to use Google’s “https” search . . . for the moment.

[As an aside, when I was Head of Privacy of Barclays Wealth, my wife gave me a pen that had a duck on it. When the duck was pressed, it make a quacking sound. I soon began notifying my colleagues of privacy issues by sounding the duck. It was soon dubbed, “The Privacy Duck”. I passed it on to the person taking over for me. I am told the Privacy Duck is still quacking.]

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