HTML 5- The Death of Privacy!!!! (Again)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

Yes, another privacy killer technology has been developed. Well, reports of the death of privacy are premature. Yes, someone has created a cookie that exploits html 5 allowing the zombie cookie to store and transmit loads of data about you and your customers. But shortly, new standards will be created and new technologies will be created to minimize that threat. Just as browser¬†controls evolved to delete the cookies of today and the instructions on how to turn of flash cookies are ubiquitous, so will the same occur for html 5 zombie cooks and whatever anyone else cooks up. Today’s browsers can already control these cookies, though the process is cumbersome and labor intensive. Privacy professionals should inquire of their IT people to what extent they are leveraging this new technology and to make sure it is consistent with their privacy policy. I would add that privacy professionals should make sure it’s use is consistent with the law, but it will no doubt be another five years before the law catches up. By then, Zombie cookies will be so 2010.

2 thoughts on “HTML 5- The Death of Privacy!!!! (Again)

    • Hi Reyes,

      Thanks for reading my blog and leaving your comment.

      I don’t think the death of privacy should be the result or that these types of cookies should be allowed to deploy without, at a minimum, the site visitor being informed. My post is geared toward the often repeated refrain that privacy is being killed by some new application. Someone is alway saying it. We must be vigilant to ensure that doesn’t happen, but new technologies, laws and standards are often enacted to the development of new technologies with the effect of mitigating the detrimental impact on privacy they might otherwise have.

      Again, many thanks for reading the blog and for your comments. Keep them coming! I’d like the site to be used as a place for healthy debate.


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