Going Mobile in a Post PC World

In a recent NY Time Bits post, blogger Nick Bilton does a nice job of summarizing recent research showing Americans are increasingly moving to mobile devices in staggering numbers (e.g., mobile phones, iPads, and the like). This will drive an increase in mobile apps and push businesses to offer opportunities to access their services from the variety of mobile devices (which will only increase as demand increases opportunity). Businesses will have further opportunity through geolocation technology and there may be growing user acceptance. Privacy challenges will be ensuring that transmission of information is secure, that back office processes are adjusted to incorporate this new workflow, and geolocation services aren’t creepy and that users are aware of any tracking. Clever device and software makers (and if not, even cleverer app makers) will differentiate their products by making users aware of when geo or other data is being transmitted from the mobile device. Such a feature could be one factor in consumer decision-making. Also, given the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices, they could double as a token (e.g., use in banking transfers) or other form of secondary channel identification and authentication.

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